Page Credits & Recommended Links

I've had the pleasure of working with so many talented individuals over the years, and their contributions to my business have been invaluable.  Below are credits and recommended links for these amazing people and supportive businesses. Thank you all! 


    • Janet Adamson - Janet has been with me from the beginning of launching my brand. In addition to product photography we enjoy dreaming up fun scenarios for the hats and headpieces to be showcased in. The majority of modeled images on this site are Janet's work.

    • Kearsten Leder - Kearsten and I were connected during an editorial photoshoot and I've been a fan of her work since. In addition to being and accomplished photographer she is a fantastic hairstylist. Kearsten has beautifully captured my 2020 MIMC competition piece on the homepage of this site.

    • Anke Sturhahan - Anke and I were introduced via a shoot but connected over a shared love of hats. The physicality in her images is powerful and she manages to get my headwear to emote along with the model.