Headwear Restoration & Re-trimming

Headwear can be likened to automobiles, in that after a certain amount of mileage, they may require a tune up or perhaps a little detailing. If your favorite hat needs a refresh, a trim makeover, or you've acquired a vintage piece that needs a little love Lifted can help. 

*Each piece will require an assessment to ascertain it's needs and discuss re-trims, prior to any quote.*

Services Available

  • Cleaning & Re-blocking to Original Shape
  • Lining & Sweatband Replacement
  • Hatband Replacement
  • Brim Wire & Binding Replacement
  • Blocking to a New Shape
  • Re-trimming
To begin a restoration or retrimming consult please send the details of your needs via our email found in the Contact Us section.

Certain hats may have issues that require specialized care, such as straw braid repair, loose feathers, stains, etc. I am happy to take these on on a case by case basis. If I am not able to help I will recommend another milliner or hatmaker who can.