Bespoke Face Masks

Masks are currently a way of life for us so why not turn them into a personal fashion statement? A bespoke mask can provide comfort and safety as well as be tailored to your exact specifications. 
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A few things to consider before contacting with your design request. 
  • Do you want your mask to be fitted or pleated?
  • Do you prefer elastic ear loops or fabric ties?
  • Would you like a nose wire? Should it be permanent or removable?
  • Filter pocket or no filter pocket?
  • Hand or machine washable?
  • Is this for a special event or every day wear?


For every bespoke mask order Lifted will donate one cotton face mask to our local healthcare workers.


To begin your mask order please send a message via our email in contacts.

*Your safety is important, please remember that cloth masks are not medical grade.*